-Euganean  hills and Spa-

Regional Park of the Euganean Hills

This area to the south of Padua hosts a special ecosystem, where various species of flowers, plants and wildlife show themselves before the eyes of visitors.  Protected since 1989 with the establishment of the Regional Park, the Euganean Hills stretch over an area of nearly 18,694 hectares. The series of hills of different heights and shapes forms a special landscape that travellers identify at once whatever direction they come from. This area is also rich in small towns that preserve historical and artistic heritage, and which can be reached by comfortable road connections or charming paths in the greenery: these paths can be treaded on foot, by bicycle or even horse-riding, in order to better perceive the peaceful atmosphere that reigns here.

The Regional Park of the Euganean Hills is not only an area where animal and plant species can live in perfect equilibrium, but also a system that promotes the preservation and the development of agricultural activities and of typical local produce and products. The Park preserves many types of vegetation, ranging from the Mediterranean bush to chestnut or oak woods.

Among the protected animal species, travellers can admire a wide range of birds: from the small, lively robins to more impressive species as the sparrow-hawk or the barn owl. Also agricultural produce is safeguarded: olive oil,  or various types of cheese as Grana Padano or soft “caciotta” sometimes flavoured with herbs.

The presence of well-known hot springs in the towns of Galzignano, Montegrotto and Abano Terme contributes remarkably to the fame of the Euganean spas, which offer the necessary properties for aesthetic and therapeutic treatment.