Welcome Bikers!

Corte Carezzabella is located in the flat land between the rivers Po And Adige called “Polesine”, which is really well suited for cycle touring.

Every year we welcome many bikers who come specifically to discover by bike our wonderful region or just pass through for a stop over a longer trip by bike.

For that reason, we are committed giving them facilities and standard qualities, answering their specific needs and in particular:

  • Covered and protected overnight bike storage
  • bike-garage with tools and equipment for easy maintenance and repair, cleaning and lubricant products
  • Use of laundry facilities, suitable to wash and dry clothes and equipment
  • Healthy and organic breakfast suitable for face the day with energy!

Let’s read the complete list of commitments that we have signed together with other colleagues engaged in welcoming bikers: Read Agricicyle Charter of Services

More then a fast stop

Stop at Corte Carezzabella for more than one night and make your stop becoming an holiday!

There’s a lot to do during your stay apart riding your bike: discover our organic farm having a walk among fruityards and orchards; taste our wine and other delicacies in a perfect Aperitivo or at dinner…and why not to take part to a cooking class?

Ride your bike in more than one ring itineraries we can suggest you in the surrounding contryside and then, once came back home, just relax in the garden and by the swimming pool!

Our bike-friendly hospitality is guarantee from: