– Holiday in the Po Delta Park –

Po Delta natural Park is an extraordinay and unique example of wetland, the bigger in Europe, recently declared UNESCO world heritage site.

This early formation area is continuosly changing, created by a slow sedimentation of the land and by an extraordinary human intervention with its reclamation works.

We recommend to visit it with slow means of transport like bikes, horses, kayaks or simply by foot, going along the rivers banks or on our sandy beaches.

To appreciate at best our landscape, stop over one of the many oasis with outlined paths and posters about flora and fauna.

A unique experience is even to have a boat tour with a local fisherman, who will drive you among waterway, discovering indigenous birds and traditional fish methods.

A perfect day in the Po Delta has to includes a good meal in a local restaurant, tasting fish and mussels too!

Plan a visit to the Po Delta natural park, we will be glad to give you any useful tip and advise to book a tour and have a lot of fun for the whole family!