Rosa – Rosato del Veneto IGT

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Made from the soft pressing of Merlot grapes, Rosa is a sparkling wine whose appeal lasts beyond just the summer months.

The Merlot vines, about 20 years old, are trained on a spurred cordon system and with organic method. The harvest takes place just after the middle of September.

The wine is filtered in January and is then fermented a second time in a tank with added yeast to obtain a pressure of about 2 atmospheres.


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We are lovers of nature and we seek it.

With our wines we have also chosen to take a natural approach,  both in the vineyard and in the winery.

In nature you are never alone so we are continually accompanied by some of the protagonists of our lowland habitat: mosquitoes, herons, chickens, catfish. These are some of the animals that cross our path while working in the vineyard or walking along the banks of the Adige, the great river which flows just a few meters from our land.  They are the protagonists of your labels, and tell us about a land and a natural wine.