Red Wine I.G.T. Veneto – 3l


To bring our IGT red wine to the table and preserve it from day to day as best as possible, we have adopted an innovative Bag-in-Box packaging.

This practical dispensing system protects the wine from oxidation by not allowing it to enter into contact with the air, thus ensuring that the wine stays at a high quality for a longer period of time.

This red is a blend of two different kind of grapes: Merlot and Cabernet and it’s great with meat and savory dishes.


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We are lovers of nature and we seek it.

With our wines we have also chosen to take a natural approach, both in the vineyard and in the winery. Basically we believe that to do a good wine, the most important job is made in the vineyard, by the farmer and we are really engaged in this.

In nature you are never alone so we are continually accompanied by some of the protagonists of our lowland habitat: mosquitoes, herons, chickens, catfish. These are some of the animals that cross our path while working in the vineyard or walking along the banks of the Adige, the great river which flows just a few meters from our land.

So we have decided to depict them in our wine labels, letting them tell the tory of our land of a natural wine.