Brillo – White wine Veneto IGT – sparkiling

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Brillo is a sparkling white wine varietal produced from Trebbiano grapes.

The Trebbiano vines – trained on a sylvoz system – are about 15 years old and are being transitioned to organic.

We harvest the grapes at the beginning of September or depending every year climate.

Its sparkling perlage is due to the process of re-fermentation in the bottle where the yeasts of wine are visible as solid deposit on the bottom. Their presence in bottle conveys to Brillo a characteristic turbidity.


Year 2016

ALC 10,5% by VOL

Box of 6 bottles 0,75l each

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We are lovers of nature and we seek it.

With our wines we have also chosen to take a natural approach,  both in the vineyard and in the winery.

In nature you are never alone so we are continually accompanied by some of the protagonists of our lowland habitat: mosquitoes, herons, chickens, catfish. These are some of the animals that cross our path while working in the vineyard or walking along the banks of the Adige, the great river which flows just a few meters from our land.  They are the protagonists of your labels, and tell us about a land and a natural wine.